Started Juicing

big idea mastermind

Yeah! We need to be in good health to be able to enjoy our life. I started juicing today. Here is the short video I just shot.  :-)

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Last Day To Buy Internet Traffic Formula!

internet traffic formula big idea mastermind

Time is running out. In a couple hours Vick is taking down his Internet Traffic Formula.  You should understand this: he will REALLY take it down – you will NOT be able to purchase it. And no, he will NOT make it available in several weeks again! You have several hours to change your financial…

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My New Studio Lighting Kit

big idea mastermind studio lights

My new studio lighting kit just arrived. It took a while to install it because there was no instructions attached how to do it.The quality is decent. I am excited to finally be able to hold webinars or make videos – and not have red face all the time.  Look at that bulb – that’s…

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Your Tickets And Dinner On Me!

big idea mastermind internet traffic formula

TICKETS AND DINNER ON ME! Yes! If you purchase Internet Traffic Formula – I will buy your regular ticket to the Empower Network regional event in New Orleans …..and also dinner will be on me! We go out to have some fun, do a little masterminding while enjoying some fabulous food in Big Easy (New…

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$36,000 in My First Four Months.

big idea mastermind event honolulu, hawaii

I almost forgot about this video. It was shot at the very end of May, 2013 in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Big Idea Mastermind event. This was a surprise interview – right after the mosquitoes had almost bit me to death. I earned almost $36,000 in my first four months. Here is the video.

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Internet Traffic Formula – First Day Profits

product launch

Yesterday, finally Internet Traffic Formula launched. $5,220 in profits. I can teach you how to do this!  Take the first step and click this!

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